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Looking for the right freelancer with skills and experience to take your project to the next level?
It is my job to understand your goals and find the perfect approach & elaboration.

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You are a stylist, a rebel, photographer, wild dancer or a creative mind with great ideas?
Let's brainstorm and both express our creativity!
"you scratch my back, I scratch yours!"

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The BASSTANIE-label, initiated in 2015, consists of a series of distinctive fashion designs and creations. They are not manufactured on a large scale and 100% made in Belgium.

Distinctive about the label is the fact that it's designs are made and created by just one person and two hands
from rough idea to pattern design, from the search of textile to the finishing stich, 

If you are a stockist and interessted in having the BASSTANIE-label for your offline / online concept, you can always contact us or read the general conditions.

May I be I ?

Everyone has their own story to tell; want to know more about mine?
Or do you want to know how my projects come to be?

Let me take you into my world.

Thanatos & the selkie

by Basten Basstanie 
Mastercollection @ Movement #22 KASK Gent