Design : [CSV]-22c


Design : [HCD]-222a


Design : [HCD]-222a


Design : [HCD]-222a


Design : [HCD]-222a


Design : [HCD]-222b


Design : [BBJ]-222a


Design : [GMZ]-22d1


Design : [GMZ]-22d2


Design : [GMZ]-22a2


Design : [BBJ]-22d2


Upcycled Sweater at the  [Creative Lab] windows
Design: [GMZ]-22a

High  Fashion Bermuda Detail 
Design: [GNZ]-221

Upcycled [Sweater[x]Pantalon] Prototype
Design [GMZ]-22c

Deadstock Fabric sweaters
Design: [GMZ]-22(a-b-c)

Upcycled T-shirt 
Design: [GMZ]-22e


Because I am very comitted towards a better environment
I started the colaboration 'MaskSays' with Creative Lab in Saint-Nicolas.
What started out as an upcycle project for facemasks grew out as a fashion-line where all clothes are made out of couture fabric leftovers. 
all products
100% handmade in Belgium
100% upcycled
100% Unique


[Front 242]

[Toon Porrez]-Gentse Feesten

(wecandance festival)

(Wecandance Festival)


[Trio Tak]

[Talent Grid]-2nd Base

[Visit Flanders]-stylist

(Magnum )

[Thanatos and the Selkie]

[Thanatos and the Selkie] was my master project.
It tells the story of the god of death who fell in love with a mytical creature.
Thanatos is a supernatural being and can't touch nor communicate with the creature. And thus a tale of miscommunication and terrible love begins.

-When the sun was radiating upon you,
you reflected like a rough white-silver statue-

-My stone body and serenated unheared sounds when it rustled over the rocks. It was like my body was screaming to the world, 'Look! Here marches an abomination!'-

-A perfectly forged torso with beautiful pigments. It looked like constellations rather than smothering spots you find on the skins of humans-

-Nothing was more satisfying than gold and nothing was more beautiful than a peryton. our statures in those golden mirrors must have been the image of a god.-

-However, it was greed that brought magic in these tears. Let me fill your mouth with water and your eyes with lust. I shall forge precious armour for you!-

[R. Series]

''R. Series'' was based on a poem I wrote 
and my first commercial capsule collection.

[Pia Fraus]

[Pia Fraus] is my final bachelor 
'Pia Fraus' derives from Latin, 
meaning 'white lie' or a lie for the greater good
It tells the story of dwellers in and artificial world.
Where all colours are only in shades of ice.



is an award winning capsule collection

Pictures by Luka Host