Commoning Street Art 

Maybe you could have noticed on my webpages, but I'm a very hungry interdisciplinary artist. Next to designing fashion and making abstract art I'm also a street art enthusiast. 

I believe the modern (social) artist is a hybrid mixture of different artstyles that help him to communicate with his environment. 
In my bio I also mention I'm a very hungry artist who is looking to expand his horizon whenever I can. 

For my murals I like to depict hybrid animals. They are a metaphor for how I see an ideal symbiosis in a multicultural community. 

I strongly believe in the pictorial power of street art and how it makes art and cultural participation more accessible for everyone.

pARTicular Matters

A project to be very proud of is 'pARTicular Matters', made possible by Vermeylenfonds and 'The Polar Project' by Jan De Deken. 

Different street artist from whole over Belgium were asked to design a mural depicting their vision on climate change and to make people more aware of climate change. 

These murals were made with ink that was abstracted from air pollution.

Graffiti JAMS

As a voluntary worker for Graffiti vzw and it's newborn baby GraffitiCOOP, I help in participating and organizing 'graffiti JAMS'.

These free and and accessible workshops are organized by a strong group of commoning artists and are open to everyone. 

Book Online

Are you interested in a mural? 
Find out more on the graffitiCOOP website!